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John Rogove
Affiliate Research Fellow

Dr. John Rogove is a phenomenologist and political philosopher working at the intersections of metaphysics & philosophy of language and mind, moral & political philosophy and philosophy of religion. He has written about politics, history, geopolitics, education and society for Esprit, Le Débat, First Things, Discourse Magazine, Ethika Politika and elsewhere. He was a student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and holds a BA in Classics from NYU and an MA from Boston College, an MPhil and a PhD from the Sorbonne in philosophy. He has taught philosophy at the Sorbonne, NYU and Boston College and currently teaches at the Institut Catholique de Paris, Science Po and in the French secondary school system, and is an Associate Research Fellow at the Paris Husserl Archives. He is the English co-translator of French philosopher of technology Gilbert Simondon and the editor of a book on Heidegger's Anglo-American reception (Springer), and is the author of many academic articles on the phenomenology of meaning, knowledge and consciousness, on the philosophy of language and logic, on the theological-political problem, and on the history of post-Kantian philosophy. He helps to direct the HNI's working group, Sociality and the Self.

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