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Social Networks and Risk of Delayed Hospital Arrival After Acute Stroke

Dhand, A., Luke, D., Lang, C., Tsiaklides, M., Feske, S., and Lee, J-M. 

Nature Communications 10, pp. 1206

March 2019

Arriving rapidly to the hospital during a stroke is critical for treatment. Understanding the collective process using network methods is an important factor of arrival time to the hospital at the onset of symptoms. We studied closely how networks of highly familiar contacts, independent of external lifestyle factors, is related to delay.


A Scalable Online Tool for Quantitative Social Network Assessment Reveals Potentially Modifiable Social Environmental Risks 

Dhand, A., White, C. C., Johnson, C., Xia, Z, and De Jager, P. L. 

Nature Communications 9, pp. 3930

Sept 2018

Dhand et al. (2018) have developed a quantitative social network assessment tool that captures the structure and composition of a personal network including specific persons, their relationships to each other, and their health habits. An updated version of the instrument called “Personal Network Survey for Clinical Research” is available in the REDCap Shared Library. We have also uploaded a comprehensive R codebase for researchers who use the instrument to analyze and visualize their data available at: R code used specifically for this project can be made available upon request.

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