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Dr. Cyrus Olsen

Affiliate Research Fellow

Cyrus Olsen III, D.Phil. is Lo Schiavo Chair in Catholic Social Thought at the University of San Francisco (AY 2022-23), as well as tenured Associate Professor of Theology/Religious Studies and Affiliate Faculty in Health Humanities at The University of Scranton, Scranton, PA.  He is a Research Fellow and Networks Team Lead for the non-profit AI & Faith and collaborator for the Bethany Land Institute of Luweero, Uganda, especially on integrating GIS technology in land use and restoration through Esri.  Cyrus studied the Comparative History of Ideas at the University of Washington (Seattle) and the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) before completing higher degrees at the University of Oxford.  For HNI, Dr. Olsen is Co-PI with Dr. Corbin on the Templeton World Charity Foundation Grant titled Buffering, Porosity and Brain Health in Uganda (2022-2025) and a member of the working group Sociality and the Self. LinkedIn – Twitter @CPO310 – IG cyruspolseniii

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