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Neighborhood Aid Network

The Coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing the way society functions. In order to mitigate the spread of the disease, large gatherings are being cancelled, schools are moving online, and a vast part of the labor force is working from home. The hope is that social distancing can “flatten the curve,” slowing down the rate of infection enough to both lower the ultimate number of people infected, and to spread those infections out over many months so that our healthcare system does not become overwhelmed. 


We know social distancing works. But it needs to be accompanied by an equal effort toward creating local mutual aid networks. Social Distance Does Not Equal Social Isolation. Neighbors need to help neighbors right now, and this will be especially true for vulnerable populations like the elderly, or people who are quarantined. People may need help obtaining groceries or supplies. Most importantly, they will know they are not alone. 


The Neighborhood Aid Network has a simple goal: Provide a central place where neighborhood digital platforms can aggregate and standardize and where volunteers receive information and training. We hope this academic-community partnership will help to mobilize the Boston area's rich communal and institutional resources to meet this serious new challenge. 

*** NEW UPDATE ***

In response to COVID-19, Nesterly, a social based enterprise in Boston, has launched a new free service in partnership with the City of Boston called Good Neighbors. They built the platform to unify the efforts of local volunteers across the city that are providing critical contact-free home deliveries and social support for at-risk individuals.

Here’s how it works:


1. The site will be available in 80 languages

2. Folks can call-in their order to (877) 958-8785 or fill out a short form

3. We immediately send out a text to the list of volunteers within the stated delivery range

4. Volunteer coordinates directly to complete delivery or friendly check-in

To contact the Nesterly team for questions:

Sara Faxon

For user support:

Jori Schwartz

(877) 958-8785

For information or to get involved in your community,

choose one of the neighborhoods below:


    For Arlington, click here.

    For Allston, click here.


    For the Berkshires, click here.

    For Beverly, click here.

    For Brighton, click here.

    For Brookline, click here.


    For Cambridge, click here. 

    For Concord / Carlisle, click here.


    For Dorchester, click here.


    For East Boston, click here.

    For Everett, click here.


    For Fall River, click here.

    For Framingham, click here.

    For Fenway, click here.


    For Jamaica Plain, click here.


    For Lincoln, click here.

    For Lowell, click here.

    For Lynn, click here.


    For Malden, click here.

    For Medfield, click here.

    For Medford, click here.


    For Natick, click here.

    For New Bedford, click here.

    For Newton, click here.


    For Roslindale, click here.

    For Roxbury, click here.


    For Salem, click here.

    For Somerville, click here. 

    For South Boston, click here.

    For the South End, click here.

    For the South Shore, click here.

    For Sudbury, click here.


    For Tufts, click here.


    For Waltham, click here.

    For Western Mass, click here.

If you're building a similar initiative in your town, or want to, see this wonderful how-to guide designed by the Somerville-Medford group. If you would like to be added to our webpage, contact us here.  

Take care of each other!

The NAN team 

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