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Jude Thaddaeus Buyondo, PhD

Affiliate Research Fellow

Jude Thaddaeus Buyondo, PhD, is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Systematic Theology and Ethics, Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Vienna, currently doing research and publications that bring together the Western and African approaches to bioethics. Additionally, he is a consultant on a Templeton World Charity Foundation grant with Harvard Medical School (#20714). Together with Prof. Cyrus P Olsen and Dr. Ian Marcus Corbin, they work on the grant titled "Buffering, Porosity and Brain Health in Uganda." Dr. Buyondo collaborates on medical anthropology and social network analytics for assessing the impact of relationships on health-seeking behavior within Bantu-communities in East Africa. He a is guest lecturer for Harvard’s Master’s degree in Bioethics and offers scholarly sessions at Harvard as an affiliate Research Fellow at Human Network Initiative, Department of Neurology. He was trained in Africa, Europe and in the USA as a moral philosopher and a moral theologian specializing in bioethics. He is fluent in four languages and can moderately use five other languages for his academic scholarships. Though rooted in East Africa, he has cultivated an academic authority to lead in global higher education, research and global immersion courses.  His research interests focus on bioethics of organ transplant tourism, bioethics of African communalism in relation to AI, intercultural theological bioethics, cosmic-ecological bioethics, Western bioethical principlism merging with the African approach to bioethics, and world religious science. Dr. Buyondo has three books in the pipeline: (1) “The Critique of Bioethical Principlism in Contrast to a Black African Approach to Bioethics” (2) “Holistic Bioethics” (both under contract with Wipf & Stock). 3)“Organ Transplant Tourism in East Africa and the Contribution of Lonergan’s Insight of Conversion.” (2025 project with Boston College as the principal investigator).

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